CSF21 Giving Tuesday

For 37 years, the California Strawberry Festival has hosted and entertained tens of thousands of visitors and families each year, hailing from California and all over the world. For many, the Festival has even become a tradition through generations! It’s been our privilege to be part of the memories you’ve made together, as both children and parents.

But what we are most proud of is the Festival’s long history of giving back to the local community – from providing major fundraising opportunities for our nonprofit partners, to scholarships. Because the Festival is so much more than Southern California’s sweetest summer kickoff, it was heartbreaking for us to cancel the 2021 event, knowing so many nonprofits depended on the Festival as a major funding source.

Due to the cancellations the past two years tens of thousands of dollars already invested in the event could not be recovered and many nonprofits lost out on their major funding source. Community donations help us come out strong for our next California Strawberry Festival! Because the Festival is a 501c3, your donation would be tax-deductible. We’d deeply appreciate any gift that will help us properly launch the next Festival, so we can keep on supporting so many local nonprofits through the event.